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Nearly 4 days ago

Shield for Murder 1954

Shield for Murder 1954 The Plot: Lieutenant Barney Nolan (Edmond O’Brien), a 16-year veteran of the police force, has had enough. In a secluded

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Private Hell 36 1954

Private Hell 36 1954 The Plot: L.A. police detectives Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) and Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) get in over their heads when

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Hit and Run 1957

Hit and Run 1957 The Plot: Gus Hilmer, a moneyed garage and junkyard owner, falls in love with and marries a showgirl named Julie,

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Pushover 1954

Pushover 1954 The Plot: Honest cop Paul Sheridan (Fred MacMurray) is tasked to recover $200,000 after a bank robbery. He and other officers maintain

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Pickup on South Street 1953

Pickup on South Street 1953 The Plot: On a crowded New York City subway train, pickpocket Skip McCoy (Richard Widmark) steals Candy’s (Jean Peters)

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Pickup 1951

Pickup 1951 The Plot: Low-budget, tabloid-lurid story with high camp value of older man falling for much younger beauty who’s busy figuring out how

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Compulsion 1959

Compulsion 1959 The Plot: Close friends Judd Steiner (based on Nathan Leopold and played by Dean Stockwell) and Artie Strauss (based on Richard Loeb

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Violated 1954

Violated 1954 The Plot: Psycho stalks the streets of Greenwich Village, killing and scalping his victims. Short simple and dangerously so, so in intensity.

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Guilty Bystander 1950

Guilty Bystander 1950 The Plot: Max Thursday is an alcoholic ex-cop. The only job he can find is as a house detective at his

Nearly 4 weeks ago

One Way Street 1950

One Way Street 1950 The Plot: Dr. Frank Matson, a physician, steals $200,000 from mob boss John Wheeler henchmen after a robbery Wheeler and