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Never Trust a Gambler 1951

 Never Trust a Gambler 1951 The Plot: Steve Garry, insisting he has quit gambling, asks his ex-wife Virginia Merrill if he can lay

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The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit 1956

  The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit 1956 The Plot: Ten years after the end of World War II, Tom Rath (Gregory Peck)

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Trio 1950

 Trio 1950 The Background Stuff: Trio (also known as W. Somerset Maugham’s Trio) is a 1950 British anthology film based on three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham: “The

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Jennifer 1953

 Jennifer 1953 The Plot: Agnes Langley (Ida Lupino) is down on her luck and is hired by Lorna Gale (Mary Shipp) to replace

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Affair in Monte Carlo 1954

 Affair in Monte Carlo aka 24 Hours of a Woman’s Life 1954 The Plot: Monsieur Blanc, the middle-aged proprietor of a café in Antibes,

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A Stranger in My Arms 1959

 A Stranger in My Arms 1959 The Plot: A Korean War test pilot, Major Pike Yarnell (Jeff Chandler), survives a jet crash in the Pacific

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Flight to Tangier 1953

 Flight to Tangier 1953 The Plot: Aboard a private plane, pilot Hank Brady pulls a gun on his lone passenger, Franz Kovaz, after

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Hell’s Island 1955

 Hell’s Island 1955 The Plot: After being dumped by his fiancée, hard-drinking and depressed Mark Cormack (Payne) loses his job in the Los Angeles district

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Wiretapper 1955

Wiretapper 1955 The Plot: Jim Vaus returns from the war and marries Alice. He struggles to make a living. He was hired by Charles

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Hot Spell 1958

Hot Spell (1958) is a drama film directed by Daniel Mann, starring Shirley Booth and Anthony Quinn, and released by Paramount Pictures The Plot: Alma Duval is a Louisiana housewife planning a