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Nearly 1 month ago

Date Bait 1960

Date Bait 1960 The Plot: U.S. film. Delinquent teenage drama! Two confused teenagers are in love and want to get hitched, but their uptight

Nearly 2 months ago

Stark Fear 1963 Starring Beverly Garland

Stark Fear 1963 The Plot: A sadistic husband mentally tortures his wife, while eventually planning to murder her. Although no one believes her, she

Nearly 8 months ago

The Flesh Eaters 1964

The Flesh Eaters is a 1964 American horror/science fiction thriller, directed on a low budget by Jack Curtis and edited by future filmmaker Radley

Nearly 8 months ago

Fangs of the Living Dead 1969

Fangs of the Living Dead is a 1969 Spanish-Italian horror film that was written and directed by Spanish director Amando de Ossorio, and his

Nearly 9 months ago

House of Evil aka Dance of Death 1968

House of Evil, alternately titled Dance of Death, is a 1968 Mexican horror film directed by Juan Ibáñez. It stars Boris Karloff and Julissa.

Nearly 9 months ago

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women is a 1968 American science fiction film, one of two which were adapted from the 1962 Soviet

Nearly 9 months ago

Teenage Zombies 1960

Teenage Zombies is a 1960 horror science fiction film, written and directed by Jerry Warren. The Plot: As thin as it is, here goes:

Nearly 9 months ago

Dementia 13 1963

Dementia 13 (UK title: The Haunted and the Hunted) is a 1963 horror-thriller released by American International Pictures, starring William Campbell, Patrick Magee, and

Nearly 10 months ago

Tormented 1960

Tormented is a 1960 horror movie directed and produced by Bert I. Gordon for Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, and starring Richard Carlson. The Plot:

Nearly 10 months ago

The Sadist 1963

The Sadist (also known as Profile of Terror and Sweet Baby Charlie) is a 1963 black-and-white exploitation film written and directed by James Landis,