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Nearly 4 days ago

The Spider Woman Strikes Back 1946

The Spider Woman Strikes Back is a 1946 horror film starring Gale Sondergaard, with a running time of 59 minutes. Despite the similar title and role played by

Nearly 5 days ago

Lady of Burlesque 1943

Lady of Burlesque (also known as The G-String Murders and in the UK, Striptease Lady) is a 1943 American musical comedy-mystery film directed by William A. Wellmanand starring Barbara Stanwyck and Michael

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Strongroom 1963

Strongroom is a 1962 British crime drama film directed by Vernon Sewell and starring Derren Nesbitt, Colin Gordon and Ann Lynn. During a bank robbery, the bank manager and cashier are locked in a safe, but the criminals

Nearly 1 month ago

Johnny Cool 1963

Johnny Cool is a 1963 neo noir crime film directed by William Asher based on the novel The Kingdom of Johnny Cool by John McPartland which stars Henry Silva and Elizabeth Montgomery. Produced in part by Peter Lawford, Johnny

Nearly 1 month ago

Shanty Tramp 1967

Shanty Tramp 1967 The Plot: A sleazy evangelist makes a play for a small town’s local tramp, but is shocked to learn that she

Nearly 1 month ago

The Intruder 1962 aka I Hate Your Guts

The Intruder 1962 aka I Hate Your Guts The Background Stuff: The Intruder is a 1962 American film, directed by Roger Corman and starring William Shatner. It is

Nearly 1 month ago

Desperate Moment 1953

Desperate Moment 1953 The Plot: After confessing to the murder of a British soldier he didn’t commit, Simon Van Halder (Dirk Bogarde) escapes prison

Nearly 1 month ago

Tarnished Lady 1931

Tarnished Lady 1931 The Plot: Nancy Courtney, a once wealthy socialite, has had to struggle to maintain a facade of prosperity ever since her

Nearly 1 month ago

Bad Girl 1931

Bad Girl 1931 The Plot: Dorothy Haley (Sally Eilers) and Edna Driggs (Minna Gombell) are store models, first seen in bridal clothes at work

Nearly 1 month ago

Girls of the Road 1940

Girls of the Road 1940 The Plot: During the Great Depression, governor’s daughter Kay Warren (Ann Dvorak) assumes the identity of a female hobo