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Nearly 14 hours ago

Jigsaw 1949

 Jigsaw 1949 The Plot: The title refers to a jigsaw puzzle and the story begins with the murder of a print shop owner

Nearly 4 days ago

Affair in Monte Carlo 1954

 Affair in Monte Carlo aka 24 Hours of a Woman’s Life 1954 The Plot: Monsieur Blanc, the middle-aged proprietor of a café in Antibes,

Nearly 5 days ago

Lured 1947

 Lured 1947 The Plot: Sandra Carpenter (Lucille Ball) is an American who came to London to perform in a show, but now is

Nearly 7 days ago

A Life at Stake 1954

 A Life at Stake 1954 The Plot: Down-on-his-luck Los Angeles architect and builder Edward Shaw (Keith Andes) is approached by Doris Hillman (Angela

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Affair in Havana 1957

 Affair in Havana 1957 The Plot: Mallabee is a millionaire sugar-cane grower in Cuba who blames his wife, Lorna, for an accident that

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Affair in Reno 1957

 Affair in Reno 1957 The Plot: A female detective falls in love with a public relations man. Now, doesn’t this sound like a

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Hell’s Island 1955

 Hell’s Island 1955 The Plot: After being dumped by his fiancée, hard-drinking and depressed Mark Cormack (Payne) loses his job in the Los Angeles district

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Gun Girls 1951

 Gun Girls 1951 The Plot: A daughter of a well-to-do family seeks excitement and a sense of self-esteem by participating in violent crimes.

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Common Law Wife 1963

 Common Law Wife 1963 The Plot: Shug, a rich old man, throws out his longtime live-in mistress and moves in his young, sexy

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Eight Witnesses 1954

 Eight Witnesses 1954 The Plot: A murder occurs in front of eight witnesses but all of them are blind. This thriller drives the