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Nearly 3 days ago

J.D.’s Revenge 1976

 J.D.’s Revenge 1976 Some Background: J. D.’s Revenge is a blaxploitation horror film released in 1976. It starred Glynn Turmanand Lou Gossett. The main character becomes an unwilling host

Nearly 5 days ago

Brotherhood of Death 1976

 Brotherhood of Death 1976 The Plot: In the mid-to-late 1960s, three young men leave their small Southern hometown to join the United States Army and fight in

Nearly 6 days ago

Black Heat 1976

 Black Heat 1976 Black Heat is a 1976 blaxploitation action film by producer Al Adamson. The cast included Timothy Brown, Russ Tamblyn, and Geoffrey Land. The film was renamed to Girl’s Hotel for play

Nearly 7 days ago

Mean Johnny Barrows 1976

 Mean Johnny Barrows 1976 The Plot: Johnny Barrows (played by Fred “The Hammer” Williamson) is dishonorably discharged from the army for punching out

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Get Christie Love 1974

 Get Christie Love 1974 Get Christie Love! was an American crime drama TV series starring Teresa Graves as an undercover African-American female police detective who is determined to overthrow a

Nearly 2 weeks ago

T.N.T Jackson 1974

 T.N.T Jackson 1974 T.N.T. Jackson is a 1974 American Blaxploitation film directed by Cirio H. Santiago. The script was originally written by actor Dick Miller, but Roger Corman had it rewritten.

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Sheba Baby 1971

 Sheba Baby 1971 Sheba, Baby is a 1975 American blaxploitation action film directed by William Girdler and starring Pam Grier and Austin Stoker. The Plot: When the loan business of her father,

Nearly 3 weeks ago

The Big Bird Cage 1972

 The Big Bird Cage 1972 The Plot: Blossom (Pam Grier), a buxom bad girl, is the rough-and-ready girlfriend of a radical guerrilla leader, Django (Sid Haig).

Nearly 4 weeks ago

The Rains Came 1939

 The Rains Came 1939 The Plot: The story centers on the redemption of its lead female character. George Brent is Tom Ransome, an artist who

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Never Trust a Gambler 1951

 Never Trust a Gambler 1951 The Plot: Steve Garry, insisting he has quit gambling, asks his ex-wife Virginia Merrill if he can lay