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Nearly 1 week ago

Abby 1974

 Abby 1974 The film’s use of the Yoruba religion distinguishes it from being a copy of the Exorcist with a black cast. In the story,

Nearly 3 months ago

Common Law Wife 1963

 Common Law Wife 1963 The Plot: Shug, a rich old man, throws out his longtime live-in mistress and moves in his young, sexy

Nearly 3 months ago

The Naked Kiss 1964

 The Naked Kiss 1964 The Plot: Kelly (Constance Towers) is a prostitute who shows up in the small town of Grantville, just one more burg

Nearly 4 months ago

Dark Journey 1937

Dark Journey is a 1937 British spy film directed by Victor Saville and starring Conrad Veidt and Vivien Leigh. Written by Lajos Bíró and Arthur Wimperis, the film is about two secret agents on opposite sides during World

Nearly 4 months ago

The Spider Woman Strikes Back 1946

The Spider Woman Strikes Back is a 1946 horror film starring Gale Sondergaard, with a running time of 59 minutes. Despite the similar title and role played by

Nearly 5 months ago

Shanty Tramp 1967

Shanty Tramp 1967 The Plot: A sleazy evangelist makes a play for a small town’s local tramp, but is shocked to learn that she

Nearly 12 months ago

Dick Tracy aka Dick Tracy, Detective 1945

Dick Tracy (also known as Dick Tracy, Detective) is a 1945 American film noir pulp action film based on the Dick Tracy comic strip

Nearly 12 months ago

Dick Tracy’s Dilemma 1947

Dick Tracy’s Dilemma, released in the United Kingdom as Mark of the Claw, is a 1947 American pulp action film based on the 1930s

Nearly 1 year ago

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 1939

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island is a 1939 American film directed by Norman Foster, starring Sidney Toler as the fictional Chinese-American detective Charlie Chan,

Nearly 1 year ago

The Woman Eater 1958

The Woman Eater (AKA Womaneater on its original UK release), is a low budget 1958 black and white British horror film. It was directed