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Nearly 4 days ago

Scream Blacula Scream 1973

 Scream Blacula Scream 1973 The Plot: After a dying Voodoo queen, Mama Loa, chooses an adopted apprentice, Lisa Fortier (Pam Grier) as her successor, her

Nearly 7 days ago

Mean Johnny Barrows 1976

 Mean Johnny Barrows 1976 The Plot: Johnny Barrows (played by Fred “The Hammer” Williamson) is dishonorably discharged from the army for punching out

Nearly 1 week ago

Abby 1974

 Abby 1974 The film’s use of the Yoruba religion distinguishes it from being a copy of the Exorcist with a black cast. In the story,

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Get Christie Love 1974

 Get Christie Love 1974 Get Christie Love! was an American crime drama TV series starring Teresa Graves as an undercover African-American female police detective who is determined to overthrow a

Nearly 3 weeks ago

The Big Bird Cage 1972

 The Big Bird Cage 1972 The Plot: Blossom (Pam Grier), a buxom bad girl, is the rough-and-ready girlfriend of a radical guerrilla leader, Django (Sid Haig).

Nearly 3 months ago

Common Law Wife 1963

 Common Law Wife 1963 The Plot: Shug, a rich old man, throws out his longtime live-in mistress and moves in his young, sexy

Nearly 3 months ago

Missing Women 1951

Missing Women 1951 The Plot: After newlywed Claudia Rankin’s husband is murdered, she sets out to avenge his killing by posing as a criminal

Nearly 3 months ago

Wiretapper 1955

Wiretapper 1955 The Plot: Jim Vaus returns from the war and marries Alice. He struggles to make a living. He was hired by Charles

Nearly 3 months ago

Backlash 1947

Backlash 1947 The Plot: Los Angeles police detective Jerry McMullen (Larry J. Blake) stops a car driven by lawyer John Morland (John Eldredge) to

Nearly 4 months ago

Young Widow 1946

Young Widow is a 1946 drama film directed by Edwin L. Marin, starring Jane Russell and Louis Hayward. It focuses on Joan Kenwood, a young journalist who can not get over her husband’s death