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Nearly 4 days ago

The Spider Woman Strikes Back 1946

The Spider Woman Strikes Back is a 1946 horror film starring Gale Sondergaard, with a running time of 59 minutes. Despite the similar title and role played by

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Blackmail 1929

C is a 1929 British thriller drama film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Anny Ondra, John Longden, and Cyril Ritchard. Based on the 1928 play of the same name by Charles Bennett, the

Nearly 1 month ago

Girls of the Road 1940

Girls of the Road 1940 The Plot: During the Great Depression, governor’s daughter Kay Warren (Ann Dvorak) assumes the identity of a female hobo

Nearly 2 months ago

The Shadow on the Window 1957

The Shadow on the Window 1957 The Plot: Upon seeing his mother Linda terrorized by three thugs, young Petey (Jerry Mathers) is traumatized and

Nearly 2 months ago

Below the Deadline 1936

Below the Deadline 1936 The Plot: After a good-natured Irish cop is framed for a diamond robbery and murder and presumed dead in a

Nearly 2 months ago

Convict’s Code 1939

Convict’s Code 1939 The Plot: A man is framed and sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. When he is let out

Nearly 3 months ago

Naked Alibi 1954

Naked Alibi 1954 The Plot: Police chief Joe Conroy (Hayden) is relieved of his police duties after he accuses a “respected community man” Al

Nearly 4 months ago

City of Missing Girls 1941

City of Missing Girls 1941 The Plot: A number of young girls turns up dead or missing, and the one connection they have is

Nearly 4 months ago

Stark Fear 1963 Starring Beverly Garland

Stark Fear 1963 The Plot: A sadistic husband mentally tortures his wife, while eventually planning to murder her. Although no one believes her, she

Nearly 4 months ago

Girl Gang 1954

Girl Gang 1954 The Plot: Joe (Timothy Farrell) controls a gang of young girls who commit robberies and prostitution for him by getting them