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Nearly 1 month ago

Black Friday 1940

Black Friday is a 1940 American science fiction film starring Boris Karloff. Béla Lugosi, although second-billed, has only a small part in the film

Nearly 2 months ago

The Creeper 1948

The Creeper 1948 The PLOT: A man is turned into a “catlike” killer by means of a serum invented by a crazed scientist. This

Nearly 6 months ago

Flesh for Frankenstein 1973

Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (original title: Flesh for Frankenstein) is a 1973 Italian-French horror film directed by Paul Morrissey and produced by Andy Warhol, Andrew

Nearly 8 months ago

White Zombie 1932

White Zombie is a 1932 American Pre-Code horror film directed and independently produced by Victor and Edward Halperin. The screenplay by Garnett Weston, based

Nearly 8 months ago

The Wasp Woman 1959

The Wasp Woman 1959 The Wasp Woman (aka The Bee Girl and Insect Woman) is a 1959 American science fiction film produced and directed

Nearly 8 months ago

Nightmare Castle 1965

Nightmare Castle 1965 (Italian: Amanti d’oltretomba) is a 1965 Italian horror film directed by Mario Caiano. The film stars Paul Muller, Helga Liné and

Nearly 8 months ago

Bride of the Monster 1955

Bride of the Monster is a 1955 American science fiction horror film directed, written, and produced by Edward D. Wood, Jr., and starring Bela

Nearly 9 months ago

Isle of the Snake People 1971

Isle of the Snake People is a 1971 Mexican horror film directed by Juan Ibáñez and starring Boris Karloff and Julissa. The film was

Nearly 9 months ago

Frankenstein Island 1981

Frankenstein Island is a 1981 American film starring John Carradine. It was the last movie directed by Jerry Warren and the only one of

Nearly 9 months ago

The Mad Monster 1942

The Mad Monster is an American horror film released in 1942 by P.R.C. (Producers Releasing Corporation), a Poverty Row studio. The film, a B-movie