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Nearly 3 weeks ago

Cottage to Let 1941

 Cottage to Let 1941 The Plot: Upper-class Mrs. Barrington (Jeanne de Casalis) takes in two child evacuees from London, including cocky teenager Ronald

Nearly 4 weeks ago

The Rains Came 1939

 The Rains Came 1939 The Plot: The story centers on the redemption of its lead female character. George Brent is Tom Ransome, an artist who

Nearly 2 months ago

A Passport to Hell 1932

  A Passport to Hell 1932 A notorious beautiful English woman (Myra) is kicked out of British West Africa to German West Africa,

Nearly 4 months ago

Walk East on Beacon 1952

Walk East on Beacon (1952) is an American drama film directed by Alfred L. Werker and released by Columbia Pictures. The screenplay was inspired by a May 1952 Reader’s

Nearly 4 months ago

Count Five and Die 1957

Count Five and Die is a 1957 British war drama produced by Zonic Productions and released in the USA by the Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. It

Nearly 4 months ago

The House on 92nd Street 1945

The House on 92nd Street is a 1945 black-and-white American spy film directed by Henry Hathaway. The film, shot mainly in New York City, was released shortly after the end of World

Nearly 4 months ago

Berlin Correspondent 1942

Berlin Correspondent 1942 Dana Andrews portrays an American radio correspondent reporting from within Nazi Germany, whose principal source of information is an elderly philatelist. His reports