Attorney General Gonzales Takes A Grilling But Hearing Fails To Deliver The Expected Killing

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was beaten like a piñata by Democrats and Republicans alike yesterday as he lamely tried to defend his actions, involvement and control, or the lack thereof concerning the situation surrounding the ouster of the now infamous eight U.S. prosecutors. He was battered continuously by questioner after questioner in tag team fashion without the slightest hint of a softball query save for Sen. Orrin Hatch from Utah.

The session was long brutal and at times contentious whenever Mr. Gonzales made an effort to be combative, albeit mildly so. Sen. Arlen Specter lip lashed him without mercy when the Attorney General tried to argue over the degree of his preparation for the days hearings as well as his preparations for related press conferences suggesting, had Mr. Gonzales been properly prepared for his public statements over this issue, he would not be facing the calls for his resignation now.

While Sen. Chuck Schumer intimated there was no clear knockout punch delivered, surprisingly the one call for Gonzales to take a hike was from Republican Sen. Tom Coburn.
By all accounts, the Attorney General failed to impress many if any with is performance yesterday and there are ever surmounting doubts he will be able to keep his job as the nations top law dog. Click here to download or on air to stream. Today’s program includes another episode of Box 13 starring Alan Ladd as Dan Holiday reporter, novelist and ultra cool detective.

We cap the week with Virus, starring Glen Ford in this chiller about the military accidentally releasing a deadly virus after a plane crash, eventually spreading across the earth killing any and all coming in contact with it. Released in 1980, this color film runs 103 min. and is rated PG. Enjoy! Click here to download or on photo to stream.