Issues Under Fire: The Collapse of A Nation

The Fun Stuff First! Our First Feature Flick Is The Flying Deuces making its debut at RetroVision Theater

Laurel and Hardy star in this goofy tale of a love struck loser and his numskull partner joining the Foreign Legion to die a death of self pity over losing officer and a gentleman. Dumb and Dumpier only find themselves facing a firing squad and forced to hi-jack a plane to make a hasty escape.
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Second RetroVision Theater feature today is The Blacksmith

Buster Keaton stars in this classic comedy as a jerk getting thrown in the poky for throwing down some knuckle sandwiches with a blacksmith shop owner. While trying to help customers with a few horses, the idiot F’s up a Rolls Royce parked next to him. Hence, the ass kicking! Click here to download.

The News And Commentary:

The magic word of the day is Collapse. The economy is collapsing, the healthcare system is collapsing, the public education system is collapsing, the National Guard is collapsing under the weight of the collapsing military, the nation’s infrastructure is collapsing along with the citizenry’s confidence in the elected leadership’s ability to break the fall.

It’s not news to report that 81% of those polled feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. What is news, is the 19% that disagrees with the majority. Who, we wonder is that optimistic group that sees the nation’s current course as one to proceed on in a steady as she goes mode?

Clearly, these are the corporate heads and their butt sniffing upper managers that are making out like bandits in a lawless and deregulated atmosphere. These must be that shadowy 1% and their well paid flunky crews that have always made big dough while the little guys and gals are forced to just make do. We think that collective 19% is the same group that has always existed and have been perpetrating the myth that the growing permanent underclass has a real shot of becoming part of their crew. Save for an honest settlement from an insurance claim or winning a power ball lottery(the odds are better with the lottery),at this stage of the American financial nightmare if you are poor today, odds are you are going to be poor for the rest of your life.

But all is not lost, for we as a nation can and will change this course with the election of Barack Obama in the fall. The country is betting on him big time as more and more donors are placing their $25,$50,$75 and $100.00 bets on him to set a new direction for the country, with a crew made up of the people. With a total haul of $40 million for the month of March, out pacing Hillary’s $20 million we think Americans have already picked a winner. Click here for the podcast