RetroVision Media Reviews Our World Yesterday Today And Tomorrow

Is there a global economic crisis on the horizon? Can it be avoided? Will either Barack Obama or John McCain have any impact? Does the fall elections really matter? Are Americans and the rest of the world facing impending catastrophic food and fuel shortages? Are we all destined to fight losing battles with natural weather and geological calamities?

Every Thursday while preparing material for this daily podcast, the Jehovah’s Witness crew rings the studio bell with the latest world is coming to an end warnings, sporting pamphlets in hand to support their case. I always answer by mistake, listen to the schpeel politely, accept the handouts promising to give it a look see, bid them adieu until the next weeks’ interruption and promptly pile them atop the towering mass of Armageddon literature I am building in the vestibule.

I, like most Americans like to think that things are destined to get better, as we have always rebounded from bad times. We are told; we are a resilient nation with a resilient economy because Americans are resilient people. But, our history is rather short when one thinks globally. We have precious little data to rely upon when it comes to real tough times. Beyond the great depression of the thirties, and those dust bowl days, life in America has been rather mellow. Today’s boomers and younger have lived soft by world standards and haven’t a clue what its like to live like the poorest of the world’s poor.

Our leftovers from this weekend’s BAR-BQ would be a blessing to many, bones and all. But the signs are there that all is not well when forecasting our tomorrows. Maybe those door to door doom and gloom artist and their TV evangelist counter parts are on to something. What if we will all be rioting in the street like the youth in Egypt for some lousy hard government bread? What if food fights were for real and not just wastefully jr. high school fun? With the prices of food and fuel on the rise, jobs getting harder to find, wages falling, foreclosures at record levels, our financial institutions failing while the rest of the world beginning to demand their fare share of the globe’s resources, I can see some real F’d up sh*t on the horizon.

Around the globe people are facing now what may be facing us here someday soon. We all see how those crazy bastards in the government of Myanmar are handling the aid effort after that wild ass cyclone hit their shores. We all saw how the incompetent dumb bastards in our own government handled hurricane Katrina. Considering the fact that the relentlessly horrible headlines across the world are as bad as our own equally depressing domestic problems, we are in for the roughest go of our lives as well as our children’s. And the signs are showing up everywhere.

The fact that even reasonably financially secure Americans will be serving more hot dogs and burgers this weekend and fewer steaks is one of those signs. The fact that we will make sure we get every thing we need from the market the first time and not make all those second and third runs for this or that is one of those signs. The fact that many will be spending this holiday in the backyard with a few friends and a few beers and not on a real vacation is another of those signs that life is downsizing in America. If this paragraph describes you, consider yourselves among the lucky and just pray for good weather.

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