Apology for Murder 1945

Apology for Murder 1945

The Plot:

Tough reporter Kenny Blake (Beaumont) falls in love with sultry Toni Kirkland (Savage) who is married to a much older man (Hicks). She seduces him to murder her husband. City editor Ward McKee (Brown), Kenny’s boss and best friend, begins to pursue the tangled threads of the crime relentlessly and gradually closes the net on Kenny. In the end Tony and Kenny shoot each other. As he dies, Kenny types out his confession to the crime.

The Background:

Apology for Murder is a 1945 American film noir directed by Sam Newfield, and starring Ann Savage, Hugh Beaumont, Russell Hicks and Charles D. Brown.

The plot of Apology for Murder is a blatant rip-off of the seminal film noir Double Indemnity which was released the previous year.

The production company Producers Releasing Corporation, one of the B movie studios of Hollywood’s Poverty Row, wanted to take advantage of Double Indemnity’s huge success and originally intended to call the film Single Indemnity.

However Paramount Pictures, the production company of Double Indemnity, got wind of it and obtained an injunction. PRC then changed the title to Apology for Murder. BTW, we’ve got some the best film noir you can find for free, so feel free to donate as much as you want to support our Retro Flicks and other cool stuff.