About Us

RetroVision Media is a New York based alternative multi-media production company producing content for the Internet. Our primary content includes but is not limited to, daily podcast programming of vintage movies, classic television and our flagship original web series Issues Under Fire hosted by Lee Bines.

Our mission is simple: to provide, through an expanding network of creative independent media producers and writers, a second opinion, a fresher look, an honest appraisal, of the world as it is, to the average consumer of media.

Admittedly, though currently small in number, we are growing consistently, as we plan to open virtual bureaus in San Francisco, London and Paris this year. These virtual bureaus will provide content for their respective locals, with a strong emphasis on meaningful news and analysis, entertainment with a twist and thoroughly examined issues that are relevant to those who want both a bird’s eye and street level views of what is happening in said venues.

You won’t find fancy faces, handsome hunks, glitzy graphics or annoyingly condescending commercialism at our site/blog. Our business model is being carefully constructed, managed and manipulated to protect our discerning audience from the same old stale, fake, arrogant, sanitized overly simplified and watered down electronic mind muck that the mainstream media lacks the balls, creative spirit, intellectual capacity, or capitalistic restraint to risk changing.

Unlike governments, politicians and the media, who fail to meet the needs and wants of the intellectual minority population by ignoring them for the moronic mass appeal approach, we’ll satisfy those remaining “thinkers” with our ever changing blends of alternative choices.

While we are making significant bout any

  • thing wstrides in our efforts to carve out a niche from the mainstream monopolizing strangle hold on a largely unsuspecting public, we can use your help. We’re always looking for smart, skilled contributors of quality work to add to our daily programming, by way of well written news stories, video and audio of things that are occurring in your city that have national or international relevance.Want to join our team of committed professionals, dedicated to being a thorn in the foot, a sharp stick in the eye or better yet, a knee in the nutz of mainstreamer’s, intent on drowning the world in bland, worthless, mediocre, sound bite laden blast-cast for the lame of mind? Standby, we’ve got something cool coming soon.

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